Animal Experiences - Meet a Tapir or Adopt a Tapir


Are you looking for a gift for an animal lover who has everything?  How about giving them the chance to Meet a Tapir or to adopt a tapir?  

There are 4 species of tapir - and all are endangered or threatened, due to hunting and habitat loss.  Tapirs are very good swimmers and they have an acute sense of smell and hearing (which makes up for their eyesight).  They eat the leaves of small plants, shrubs, lianas and saplings of trees plus tree bark, reeds and fruits.  

Tapirs are friendly, inquisitive animals from central and south America, also Southeast Asia but and your loved one can meet and feed a family of tapirs in Hertfordshire, just north of London.  Or you can adopt a tapir and then can simply visit.   Either way, what a wonderful opportunity to find out more about tapirs.  

 Tickle a Tapir for Two

Tickle a Tapir for Two 
Come and meet this handsome tapir in Hertfordshire!  This has got to be an unusual way to spend some time - you'll meet a family of tapirs with a knowledgeable and friendly keeper.   Feed and pet the tapirs - they are friendly and inquisitive.  Afterwards, take a stroll around the rest of the park. A souvenir t-shirt and a certificate to take home are also included. Go to Virgin Experience Days to find out more.
And if you just want an experience for one, click here


Adopt a Tapir  Adopt a Tapir
Adopt this tapir, and you'll receive an adoption pack.  It has interesting tapir information, a photograph, a certificate and two park entries so that you can visit Paradise Wildlife Park.  And your name is proudly displayed on the Adoption Board of Honour, located just outside the park's animal enclosure!  This is certainly an adoption that's a bit different.   Go to Red Letter Days to treat the animal lover in your life to this Tapir Adoption.