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Big Cat Experiences - a great gift for big cat lovers

Big cats are just such majestic animals.  Tigers, lions, cheetahs, snow leopards, white lions - they are powerful yet they can be very gentle at the same time.  

In the UK, there are plenty of opportunities to get close up and personal with big cats - and to find out more about them in the process!   If you're looking for a gift for someone who loves big cats, a big cat experience could be a great idea!  

Here are some of the different sorts of big cat experiences you can give a loved one who adores big cats!

Animal Encounter at Knowsley Safari Park

Join the zoo keeping team for a fun, interactive animal encounter.  Pick the animal you most want to meet - elephants, rhinos or carnivorous predators.  You'll meet the team at the start, and head to your chosen area.  There you'll get as involved as possible with the animals, either cleaning or feeding them, and finding out about them.  Encounters include entry to the safari park, plus a 10 percent discount off an annual park membership.  Was £149, now £126 for visitors from this website - this offer is available from Red Letter Days

Animal Encounter at Knowsley Safari Park
Red Letter Days have a number of big cat experiences in Hertfordshire

Give your loved one a big cat experience in Hertfordshire at Paradise Wildlife Park.

Red Letter Days have both big cat encounters and big cat keeper experiences, available at the weekend or weekdays.  And you can get a big cat experience for one or two people.  Visitors from this website can enjoy 15% off as our website is a member of the Animal Human Wellbeing family.  Click here to go to Red Letter Days

Big Cat Encounter (Weekdays)

You could also head to Kent to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation which is not normally open to the public, so this is a very special opportunity to have a weekday guided tour and discover all about the Big Cats there and to feed a big cat!  It's also a chance to learn about the different species, their habitats and conservation status, and to find out all about the conservation work the Foundation is doing. £199 for weekday experiences from Virgin Experience Days and £249.99 for weekends

Big Cat Encounter - Weekdays
Become a Big Cat Keeper at Dartmoor Zoo for Two  

Become a Big Cat Keeper at Dartmoor Zoo for Two  
In Devon you can get close up and personal with these wonderful predators!   There's interaction with 5 different species, and your day will cover ever aspect of the animal care - food preparation, feeding, helping out with daily evenst and working with the animals.  You'll also see other carnivores like the bears or wolves as you work alongside the passionate and enthusiastic zoo keepers and discover what it takes to look after these amazing creatures. Was £598, now £299 from Virgin Experience Days  Click here to go to Virgin Experience Days

2 for 1 Breakfast with the Big Cats Special Offer

Buy a Gift have a special offer - 2 for 1 Breakfast with the Big Cats at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire.  Enjoy an entertaining and informative guide before the park even opens.  Find out about the breeds living there and hear stories about each cat and find out about his or her character.  There's plenty of chances to take photos, and after the tour you can enjoy a tasty buffer breakfast at Tiger Treetops, a raised cafe with a view over the Tiger enclosure. Was £178, now £89 so save yourself 50%.  From Buy a Gift

2 for 1 Breakfast with the Big Cats Special Offer





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