Send a Blueberry Plant Gift


If you're looking for an unusual gift, how about sending a Blueberry Plant?

The blueberry is one of nature's super foods.  They are packed with vitamin C.   They're high in fibre, low in calories and are thought to help reduce cholesterol levels.   

Blueberries are very versatile.   You can use them in cakes, pies, muffins and ice-creams, or enjoy them with natural low fat yoghurt or with porridge.  So there's lots to be said for sending a blueberry plant.

All this goodness can be sent to your loved one for just £19.99 from who are rather like a florist, except they send trees, bushes and plants instead of flowers!

Their Blueberry Plant Gift comes delivered in a 3 litre pot, boxed with a greetings card and care guide.  Try to put your plant in a sunny position in the garden - they like the sun. Click here to send a Blueberry Plant Gift with


Send a blueberry plant

Click here to see the selection of blueberry plants from Suttons Seeds

You could also take a look at Suttons Seeds who have some lovely blueberry plants - and it's worth checking for their special offers.  There are plenty of blueberry plants to choose from including the long Bluedrop, late season Brigitta, large Duke or the brand new Pink Lemonade variety!  From £14.99. Click here to go to Suttons Seeds.