Give a dog a dog bowl


Dog bowls.

They come in all sort of shapes and sizes, heights and colours. 

If you're looking for a gift idea for a dog owning friend, here are three ideas.... 

Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl, for dogs on the move
Woof Woof!

 Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl

Support Guide Dogs and help them train dogs to help people with visual impairments with this collapsible dog bowl, perfect for taking on walks.  For just £4.99, it's suitable for food and water - perfect for times when you're taking your dog on an outing.   It comes in blue with the Guide Dogs logo on two sides.  Go to the Guide Dogs online shop, Dogalogue.

Pet Bowls from Emma Bridgewater - let your pet dine in style!

Pet Bowls from Emma Bridgewater

Emma Bridgewater has a range of pet bowls with large and small sizes, picking up on themes from her various collections - polka dots, stars, hearts, pansies, anenomes, wallflowers - put colour into your pet's dining area with these bowls.  You can even have your pet's bowl personalised, putting their name on it so they know it's theirs!!  From £19.95 from Emma Bridgewater.   

The Prestige Road Refresher Non Spill Pet Water Bowl -
This bowl is great!

After a good muddy walk...  that was good fun!
I love my Prestige Road Refresher Non Spill Pet Water Bowl


Prestige Road Refresher Non Spill Pet Water Bowl - this bowl is great!

We use this bowl for when our German Shepherd, pictured above, travels in the car, but actually he also loves to drink out of it at home when I've put it on the kitchen floor when we get home, before I wash it out.  It's brilliant in the car, never had a problem with it.  If I had a slight criticism, it's that I find I have to give the three elements of the bowl a good tug when I take it apart to wash it but this bowl has really lasted very well and has been tremendous.  Our dog also loves to rest his head on it in the car!  You can get it from Amazon, £9.99