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Singing Toy - Giving gifts

The RSPB does some fantastic work in its efforts to keep nature amazing. It does this both in the UK and overseas.

You can help the RSPB in its efforts to keep nature amazing by treating someone you love (age 3 and upwards) to a singing toy! The RSPB Online Shop has a wonderful range of singing toys available, with many differnet types of bird.

There are singing puffins, bearded tits, blackbird, blue tit, avocet, chaffinch, cuckoo, goldcrest, goldfinch, great spotted woodpecker, greenfinch, hen harrier, house sparrow, kestrel, lapwing, linnet, the osprey, the nuthatch, tawny owl, swallow, songthrush, barn owl, the turtle dove and the peregrine falcon.

There's information about the species and RSPB on label and you can hear the sound of these different species from the website before you buy. All the recipient has to do is to squeeze the bird to hear him sing! 


Click here to see the full range of singing toy birds from the RSPB

Each singing toy is £7.20, or you can buy the three most popular for  £17.40 which means you save £4.20.

Give a singing toy which gives lots of enjoyment and also helps wildlife & conservation at the same time.

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