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A hug is great gift - one size fits all and it's easy to exchange.

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Ideas for Children - Nature & Animal Gift ideas for children

Our children are the guardians of this planet.  It's their home, now and in the future.  But how much do children know about the real world, the natural world, the animal world they share their planet with?  Children have a wonderful natural curiosity and they love animals and nature.  Give them the chance to discover more about the world in which they live, so that you may help them be the earth's guardians and carers for tomorrow. 

Here are a few ideas for children, which will  help them tap into the world in which they and we live.  

Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.

Bradley Millar

Elephant Poo Notebooks
Look after the earth

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

Author Unknown
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