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Fun gifts from The Original Gift Company for animal lovers

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Those fabulous people at The Original Gift Company have lots of unique and hard-to-find gifts, and they also have some really fun gifts for animal lovers.  I've been having a browse through their website and here are some of my favourites to bring some animal magic into the house... 

Quack, quack!  Mallards 
Two Mallards to bring some charm to a home for £35.00.  They're hand-woven from grass.  Quack, quack...

Do the penguin waddle..... come on in!
Do the penguin waddle.... come on in!  Perfect for penguin lovers, what visitor wouldn't smile at such a welcome mat?  For £19.95.  Waddle off here  
Two hedgehogs - so irresistable!

Holly & Spike will snuggle around flower arrangements or sit on bookshelves - so sweet!  For £15.00.   Spike your way here
 Tealight Dachshund for the table or mantlepiece
He won't wag his tail, but he will give your table or mantlepiece something different to enjoy.... Tealight Dachshund for £29 - Fetch!

A Dog Breed Tote Bag - perfect for shopping!

A Dog Breed Tote Bag - perfect for shopping!  A canvas bag, you can choose from 20 designs for £19.95...   Go walkies!

Relax on your Dog Breed Cushion
Relax on your dog cushion.  Just 8 breeds to choose from, but a lovely way to decorate your sitting room for £22.95.   Sit