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Portmeirion® Botanic Garden goodies from Scotts of Stow

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Looking through the catalogue for Scotts of Stow which came with some magazine or other, I loved the look of this very pretty Portmeirion® Botanic Garden Lavender Jug.   Portmeirion® products from Scotts of Stow

Scotts & Stow's catalogue says it has deep violet-blue spikes of lavender with flitting butterflies, and it’s a glazed earthenware jug 20cm high.   It’s also dishwasher, oven and freezer safe.  

You could use it as a jug for lemonade outside in the summer or Pimms, come to that, or have it in the house with lovely flowers in.   The design is part of Portmeirion®’s Botanic Garden range, first introduced over 45 years ago.  The jug has classic English country garden flowers – Lavender, and it’s sprinkled with butterflies and the range’s trademark green leaf border. Looking at it, I could almost feel myself in the garden pouring a Pimms or lemonade from it!  

Portmeirion® Botanic Garden Mug from Scotts of Stow

This is the Portmeirion® Botanic Garden Mug from Scotts of Stow
Different designs are available :-) 

When I went through to the Scotts of Stow website and searched up Portmeirion®, I was absolutely amazed at the range of products you can buy in that range, with everything from mugs and bowls, plates and glasses, tea-sets and jugs, coasters and placemats – it was quite something and so very delightful to look at.  I quite lost track of time as I browsed through the range.

Portmeirion® Botanic Garden Worktop Saver from Scotts of Stow
Portmeirion® Botanic Garden Worktop Saver from Scotts of Stow
bringing colour to a room :-) 

If you want to take a look for yourself, here’s the Portmeirion® range from Scotts at Stow – happy browsing!