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Buy 2 and get £2 off selected nest boxes from the RSPB

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Want a gift for a bird lover or someone who loves wildlife?

To celebrate National Nest Box Week (which starts on 14 February 2020), the RSPB Shop has a promotion going for nest boxes


And what a good time to run it as our birds need places to nest, to rest, and to shelter from the weather.  

You can treat a loved one to a classic box

There are classic nest boxes such as this one

or something more quirky, such as the beach hut nest boxes - three colours are available including this one: 

This is one of the three beach hut nest boxes


And there are bird species specific, such as this nest box for sparrows:


Fly off here to find out more

or one for swifts..

This nest box is for swifts

This promotion which will run until 7 July 2020 or it's subject to availability so that's plenty of time to help our feathered friends. 

Fly away to see the RSPB's shop and the nest boxes included in the promotion.