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Valentines Day gifts - give a tree or a bush or plant

If you're looking for a gift that's a bit different for the person or couple who have everything, what about giving them a tree, a bush or a plant?   These gifts are eco-friendly and last longer than flowers, so give pleasure and enjoyment for a longer time.   

The problem is:  how do you send a tree, or a bush or a plant?  This is especially difficult if your loved one lives too far away for you to deliver the gift personally.  The answer lies in finding a company which will deliver a tree or plant or bush, one which gives you the opporutnity to buy your gift online and leave it to them to deliver! is the answer for anyone wanting to send a tree, a bush or a plant online as a gift.  Here are four or five or their gifts as ideas - you can visit their website here.  

Make a Wish Rose Bush 

Make a Wish Rose Bush
The Make a Wish Rose is delicate yet powerful rose that will sit pride of place in any garden. The beautiful pink roses sit on emerald leaves that create a contrasting show piece. The powerful fragrance will light up the whole garden from Spring to Summer.
Price £22.99

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 Love in a Bag 	 Native Wildflower Seed Gift Bag  Love in a Bag - Native Wildflower Seed Gift Bag
Sow the seeds of Love with this red and pink colour mix of native wildflower seed gift of Field Poppies and Corn Cockle. This eco friendly gift is a mix of native wildflower seed presented in a little drawstring jute bag with a Love in a Bag tag that can be personalised later.  The wildflower seed mix can simply be scattered over your garden and wait for the wildflowers to appear during the Summer months each year. So it's like an everlasting bunch of flowers!  
Price:  £10.00

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Happy Anniversary Rose Bush Gift Happy Anniversary Rose Bush Gift
Pink roses represent love and admiration and the Happy Anniversary Rose bush will certainly bring a smile to anyone celebrating a special wedding anniversary. The delicate flowers start out a light pink colour which eventually turns a rich deeper pink and opens to reveal a bright gold stamen. The blooms will appear continuously throughout the summer months and have a wonderful sweet perfume. The Happy Anniversary Rose bush is very easy to tend to and will bring joy to the garden year after year.
Price:  £22.99

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 Twisted Olive Tree Gift Twisted Olive Tree Gift
An ancient symbol of peace and hope, the Olive Tree is steeped in legends.   The oil produced from the fruit of the Olive Tree is one of natures super foods - it is rich in antioxidants and is not only good for the old heart, it is also said to keep the skin looking youthful.  Native to the Mediterranean, the Olive tree can live for up to 2000 years and is an ideal plant for the patio or conservatory.  The tree's fragrant creamy white flowers appear in late spring and summer and green olive fruit appear in autumn and changes to black when ripe.
Price:  £49.99.

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 Blueberry Plant Gift

Blueberry Plant Gift
The Blueberry belongs to the heath family of plants, so the Blueberry plant is evergreen and really easy to care for.  Blueberries are one of Mother Nature's super foods and are packed with Vitamin C. Blueberries are high in fibre and low in calories and are thought to aid reducing cholesterol levels.   Send a Blueberry Plant Gift to someone that likes chomping berries and who loves to take care of their health! 
Price:  £16.99

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Take care of the earth and she will take care of you.

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