Adopt a Tiger


Tiger adoptions make great gifts - perfect for big cat lovers who want to make a difference, and for anyone who cares about conservation, and tiger conservation in particular. 

Tigers face several threats, including loss of habitat, poaching for their body parts and hunting.  The organisations working to save tigers have various ways in which you can help - one of which is to adopt a tiger as a gift. 

Adopt a tiger - Roque from the Born Free Foundation Adopt Roque

Roque lives at Born Free’s tiger sanctuary in Bannerghatta, in southern India.  Born in 1998, he now lives in a big forest enclosure where he enjoys exploring, climbing over boulders, rolling in sandy soil  and keeping cool in his deep pool.  Before arriving in India, Roque was only a few days old when he was taken from his mother.  He was put on sale in a pet-shop in Barcelona in Spain.  Roque has a very sad story, but today he gets the loving care he needs.  Adopt Roque from just £2.50 per month and you can help fund his dailiy care and support big cat protection worldwide.  Gift Packs include a cuddly toy, a personalised adoption certificate, full-colour framed photo of YOUR tiger, adoption papers with YOUR tiger's story, twice yearly updates,  window sticker and Born Free folder. Adoptions last for one year. Adopt Roque

You could also choose to adopt Jasper, a male tiger who was confiscated from a wildlife trader in east Cambodia.  He was less than a month old - it is thought that pochers killed Jasper's mother.  The trader was taking Jasper to Vietnam, when a forestry official apprehended the trader and confiscated Jasper.  He was taken to a rescue centre, and vets, supplies and medicines were sent to care for him.  He cannot be returned to the wild, having left it at so young an age, so Born Free have pledged to care for him during his life.   Adopt Jasper here

 Adopt a Tiger at the Isle of Wight Zoo

Adopt a Tiger from the Isle of Wight Zoo
From £20.00 with various adoption packages to choose from

The Isle of Wight Zoo has been involved in a tiger conservation project for several years. It is based in the Kudremukh National Park and Bhadra Reserve.  The project leader has been working tirelessly with local people to promote conservation - this affects tigers but also helps promote other wildlife and helps have a positive effect on communities who share their lives with tigers.  You can find out more about the project here

The zoo is now home to 7 tigers who act as ambassadors.  The zoo hopes that if people visit and adopt a tiger, they will take more interest in tiger conservation.   There are four tigers to choose from - Aysha, Lena, Zia and Lola.  Click here to adopt a tiger