Adopt an animal from a Welsh Wildlife Trust




Today is 1 March 2020 and as such it’s St David’s Day in Wales - a chance to celebrate his life and Welsh culture.  So I thought it would be nice to raise awareness of the wonderful work the Welsh Wildlife Trusts are doing.

There are a number of ways you can support their work, such as giving a membership, making a donation on behalf of a loved one – perhaps to an appeal, give them a gift from their shop – or you could adopt a species as a gift!

There are 5 Welsh Wildlife Trusts working hard to keep Wales beautiful, to protect our wonderful species of wildlife and plant life.  Two of them offer adopt a species scheme but they all have membership schemes so if you can’t adopt, why not give a membership instead? 

Adopt a species from a Welsh Wildlife Trust or give a membership as a gift!
©Welsh Wildlife Trusts


The Wildlife Trusts in Wales are:

  • South and West Wales – you can adopt a puffin, a seal, a red squirrel, a badger – or help a hedgehog!
  • North Wales – you could adopt a swift, a dormouse, sponsor an acre, a sandwich tern,
  • Montgomeryshire – I couldn’t find any adoption schemes but you could give a membership or make a donation
  • Gwent – why not give them a gift membership?
  • Radnorshire – again, you could give a membership or make a donation

Take a look around their websites and if you see any appeals, you could donate to them on behalf of your loved one. 

These make for meaningful gifts which will give nature lovers a lot of pleasure and you know your gift will go to making a difference for wildlife and nature in Wales.