Adopt an animal


Adopt a bear

Adopt a bear 
Pandas at Chengdu

Adopt a Big Cat

Adopt Lucifer the Lion now 

Adopt African animals

Adopt wild animals such as Elish the giraffe

 Adopt a wolf

Adopt a wolf


Adopt a dolphin, whale or shark

Adopt a dolphin, whale or shark 



Adopt an Arctic or Antarctic animal - polar bears, penguins 

Adopt a penguin

Adopt a bird

Adopt a bird 

Adopt a working animal

Adopt working animals

How else can you help, apart from adopting animals?

Most adoption packs are likely to have ideas of ways in which the recipient can help - but even if you decide not to adopt, take a look around the various web sites this site links into.  What help do they need?  Is there anything you can do, either from a distance or locally?  Even if you learn about the animals and what threatens their welfare & wellbeing, it's a start.  One action - learning about these animals & the best environments for them & how our behaviour & actions can impact on their wellbeing & survival - is better than none.

These links go straight through to the various charities offering adoption schemes.  Each scheme varies, most are for a year, but each charity will give you details as to what you or your recipient will get

Please note: all prices were correct at the time of going on the web, but if you find a different price quoted above,let me know. Thanks. Also, these links will take you through to various charities, and your adoptions/sponsorships etc are made under their terms & conditions, privacy policies, delivery terms, legal etc etc. Most adoptions are for a year - please check the small print before you purchase

Why not create your own virtual zoo?

Many of you will recall the wonderful book by Gerald Durrell, My Family & Other Animals.  Why not aim to build up your own collection of adopted animals, e.g. an animal on each continent, an animal from each group listed etc?  You could include in your family of adopted animals:

  • those you choose to adopt for yourself
  • those you ask people to adopt for you, e.g. as birthday or Christmas or Easter gifts
  • those you adopt for animal-lovers in your life e.g. for their birthday, Christmas or Easter etc.