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Bird feeders can make great gifts for anyone who enjoys having garden birds come to visit!   There's nothing like seeing robins, blackbirds, blue tits, swifts and swallows come to visit your garden and feast off your bird feeder.  Birds give people huge pleasure, and they are a great way to add interest to your garden and to do your bit for wildlife.

There are lots of bird feeders available but if you're looking for a gift, you could go a bit wild for nature and choose something that's a bit different.  So here are some rather different bird feeders to a couple of other ideas for garden and bird lovers thrown in...


Bempton Hanging Bird Table
Bempton Hanging Bird Table
from Garden Bird

Terracotta apple bird feeder
Terracotta apple bird feeder
from the RSPB 
 Bumper bird food gift box from the RSPB
Feed the birds with this
Bumper bird food gift box
from the RSPB
  Deco-Pak Blue Police Box Seed Feeder 

Deco-Pak Blue Police Box
Seed Feeder
from Garden Wildlife Direct

Swing Seat Bird Feeder
Swing Seat Bird Feeder
from the Eden Project

Trixie Natura Hanging Bird House 

Trixie Natura Hanging Bird House
from Zooplus


Vivid Arts D-Letterbox Birdhouse - Red - from Amazon