Give the gift of water


If you're looking for a gift for animal lovers and want something a bit different, well you could give them a really meaningful gift and help relieve animals' suffering across the other side of the world.

Many animals suffer from thirst.  Some are working 12 hour days for owners in the hottest of temperatures without shade or water.  Others are finding it harder to find water as ponds are taken away, rivers and streams dry up or the demand for water from people and other animals intensifies.

You can give a really meaningful gift and help relieve the thirst so many animals suffer from.  Here are a few ways to do it. 

If you know of any horse lovers or donkey lovers, then you can head straight for charities such as The Brooke, the Donkey Sanctuary and SPANA.  They all work tireless overseas, helping to improve the lot of horses and donkeys, and crucially to train owners in the most basic needs animals have.   And they work in some of the poorest communities of the world.  You can help horses, donkeys, camels & mules who are thousands of mile away and working under extreme conditions to help people earn their living.

Here are just three ways in which charities are helping animals, and how you can make a difference with a gift.

SPANA Nouakchott is a city in the Sahara desert with virtually no running water, so its citizens rely on over 50,000 hard working cart donkeys to deliver fresh water to their homes from various supply points around the city. SPANA has a Project Water Trough 2012;  it has been buildling and regularly filling water troughs around the capital city, so that the donkeys can always get a refreshing drink.  Overwork and dehydration is a very real threat to the donkeys there, but you can help alleviate their suffering by giving a gift to give a thirsty donkey water for just £11.00. You can donate to this project or give a gift to an animal loving friend to support it. See that a donkey gets water now
This video is from SPANA's YouTube page 
This video is from The Brooke's YouTube page 

The Brooke You can buy a portable water trough for £25 from the Brooke's online shop. These gifts enable horses, donkeys and mules in the remotest areas to have access to clean, cooling drinks of water.  The Brooke also teachers owners the importance of supplying clean and fresh water throughout the day to keep their animals hydrated and refreshed.


You can also buy a permanent water trough for £80 and give horses, donkeys & mules a drink.  Help The Brooke pass on construction skills to communities and show them how to meet the needs of animals by ensuring that they always have clean water to drink, every day.


This video is from The Brooke's You Tube page