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Give a garden gift!  There are lots of different sorts of garden gifts - you can treat your loved one to a personalised garden gift, a personalised garden calendarhand care products to help care for those green fingers & hard-working hands, and gifts to give people simple enjoyment in the garden.  If your loved one loves their garden and likes or loves animals and wildlife, one option could be to give them a garden gift which encourages birds, bees, butterflies, hedgehogs and the like to their garden so that they can enjoy watching them.    

You could send a house plant Send a House Plant

I often send my Auntie Joan a house plant, rather than flowers.  She is living in a care home, and she loves bright colours as she has trouble with her sight.  Today I've sent her a house plant from Bunches - they have several to choose from, and I think these make lovely gifts.   Auntie Joan used to love her garden and so it's nice to send her something colourful and floral.   Order online and delivery is free! From £18.99.  Click here to go to Bunches. have lovely ideas for Mothers Day including this Dwarf Diamond Peach Tree Gift

Send your Mum a Tree or Plant for her garden! have lovely ideas for Mothers Day including this Dwarf Diamond Peach Tree Gift.  The company is the equivalent to a florist who sends flowers - sends trees or plants or bushes as gifts instead.  If you're thinking of sending flowers but are thinking of how long they last, something for the garden could be a great alternative.  Click here to see's range for Mothers Day. 

 Never mind flowers - give a tree! Never mind flowers - send a tree!
There are experience days away from home and there are experiences to enjoy at home.  This gift idea falls into the latter category - how about giving your loved one a tree, bush or a plant?  They can enjoy watching these grow and nurture your gift.  will deliver your tree, bush or plant - they send them as gifts (the equivalent of a florist delivering flowers...)  And you can find tree gift ideas for the location you have in mind - e.g. decking, small gardens, patios, large gardens, balconies, porches or conservatories etc at their webpage Trees by Location.  Prices start from about £20.  Click here to find a tree to send as a gift with
Suttons Seeds  have lots of gardening gifts for any garden lovers.  Whether you're looking for stocking fillers or garden gifts, and whatever your budget, you'll find something from Suttons Seeds.  My Auntie Joan, who is 93 and who has always been a mine of helpful info when it comes to gardening, swears by Suttons Seeds.   Click here to visit their website

Gardening Magazines There are plenty of gardening magazines to choose from, from various online retailers.  iSubscribe offer garden titles, varying from Smallholder  (great for anyone who dreams of escaping the rat race in the city & setting up in the country), More from Your Garden, Grow Your Own, Kitchen Garden, Homes & Gardens, the English Garden, Garden News, BBC Gardeners World & Amateur Gardening.  Give a subscription!

Send a Tree, not flowers You think of giving someone a tree - a great gift, it benefits people and animals alike.  And then the questions start to sink in - what sort of tree would suit the intended recipient?  What sort of tree can you fit onto a patio, balcony, in the hall, in a small garden, in a big garden? helps you answer all these questions and choose the right tree, from something in a hallway or conservatory to a  large native tree.  They do what florists do - except they send trees, not flowers, and they have a tree for every occasion. You can also dedicate a tree as a conservation gift.   Visit here.