Mini Christmas Tree



Looking for a Christmas themed gift?  How about sending a mini Christmas tree with or without lights or putting Christmas trees around your home? 
Mini Christmas Tree with Lights

Mini Christmas Tree with Lights are to trees as florists are to flowers.  They send trees through the post!  And amongst their gifts, they have a mini Christmas tree with lights!

They have a Mini Christmas Tree with Lights, a real mini Picea tree.  It comes fully decorated with LED fairy lights and cute glittery baubles.  It's planted in a 19cm growing pot and arrives with a rustic style outer hessian pot.  It's perfect for brightening up a desk or table!  It arrives 50cm in height.  For £35.98 from

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Mini Potted Christmas Tree from

A Mini Potted Christmas Tree, 
£24.98 without lights

This mini Christmas tree is just the thing for offices, bedrooms and flats.  Care for it properly and you'll be able to plant it outside and bring it back in for the following Christmas!  It's a Picea variety, and it comes in a 15cm pot, gift wrapped in hessian.   It's delivered with a string of Christmas decorations .  The tree arrives about 50-55cm in height.   Find out more


Mini Christmas Trees from Baker Ross

Mini Christmas Trees
On offer - pack of 8 for £2.95 from Baker Ross

Baker Ross sell craft and educational products, toys and novelties, and amongst them are these mini Chritmas trees!  They have a wooden base and are great for 3D winter scnees and displays!  They are 35 mm.  Take a look further at Baker Ross.

Wooden 3D Christmas Trees  in stock

Wooden 3D Christmas Trees
£4.95 for a pack of 5

Get the kids busy assembling these Christmas trees and then decorating them as well!   They are easy to put together - the wooden pieces slot together - and they are just the thing for giving hte kids something to do after schools have broken up and they are waiting impatiently for the Big Day!  The tree height is 17cm.   They don't come with things to decorate with, you need to provide that, but these decorations are a bit different and help the kids get crafty at the same time!  From Baker Ross
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