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Travel gifts can be great fun and very versatile.  The idea of my travel map gives you the chance to either look back at the travelling you've done, or the travelling you're planning to do - or both! 

Whatever you do, when you're doing something like this you do need to check your spelling, punctuation, use of capital letters etc etc.  I think it's always worth getting someone else to run an eye over it to check for you as well.  And watch for whether the item is non-refundable.  Most personalised gift items won't be! 
You can buy this Elephant Poo Photo Album from the Eden Project If you're after a gift from someone who has been on holiday to somewhere with elephants, or for someone who loves elephants, how about giving them this Elephant Poo Photo Album?  It's made from 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper.  It has 10 sheets of differently coloured elephant poo paper.  The Albums are fair trade, and hand made by the skilled artisans at the Maximum Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka.  The size is 225mm x 145mm.  Available from the Eden Project for £9.25. 
Personalised Places We Have Been - World Map

Personalised Places We Have Been - World Map

This is a great gift for anyone who loves travelling - it lets you keep a detaild account of all past, present and future travels, so it's a great way to preserve happy memories of the travelling you've done and also to plan future trips.  

You can personalise the title box with your unique message, too!  Each map comes with 100 map pins (20 of each colour) so the recipient can devise their own little system for what each pin means.  And not only that - it has a special coating so you can write notes on to the surface or annotate countries and places, and erase them once you've been there.  You just wipe the surface clean with a cloth to get rid of any travel notes, and then start scribbling again to plan your next trip.

All for £39.99 from Getting Personal

Lonely Planet Diary Planner 2017

The Lonely Planet Diary Planner 2017 is designed to help and inspire travellers to plan and inform their trips for the year.  It's laid out in a week-by-week format,  and you have a week at a glance, with lots of space for notes, ideas, dreams and to-do-lists.  National holidays, festivals and events are listed, and there are inspirational travel quotes too. Plus there's space to record personal information and travel photographs.  It costs £9.99. Find out more here from Lonely Planet

As well as the ideas above, you can also find lots of personalised travel maps from Amazon, from scratch travel maps to canvas wall art world maps, travel map cushions to mugs.  View the range of personalised world maps from Amazon