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Personalised gifts - Name a Star

(February 06, 2015)

These gifts are two of Find Me a Gift's best selling personalised gifts at the moment - Give the recipient the chance to Name a Star!  You can choose between the Name a Star Gift Tin or the Name a Star Gift Box.  

Name a Star Gift Tin

The Name a Star Gift Tin means that a real star will be named after the recipient.  It's kept in the Gift Republic Star Registry, which is periodically sent to the British Library for public access and preservation.

Name a Star Gift Tin from Find Me a Gift

Name a Star Gift Tin
£19.99 from Find Me a Gift

Click here to buy this product now from Find me a Gift

This gift could make a great momento, perhaps as a Christening gift for a baby, or as we did it, a way to remember a loved one.   It's certainly a different gift!   

We won one of these in a raffle and chose to name our star after our cat, Trouble.  He is now long gone, but at night I look at up to one of the brightest stars in the sky, and say "Good night, Trouble, sleep well", and I find it a comforting way to have him close to me.  He's my bright star in the sky!

Find Me A Gift sends you a presentation tin with a registration form, full details, star facts, a souvenir poster and more.   Then you just have to fill out the form online or by post, and a Star Deed certificate will be sent to you.  The certificate confirms that the star has been named.   Please note that this is a novelty gift and should be treated as such.

The tin has:

  • 1 x Welcome Letter
  • 1 x Registration Form
  • 1 x Star Details Sheet
  • 1 x Facts and Figures Leaflet
  • 1 x Astronomy Booklet
  • 1 x Souvenir Poster

This gift is just £19.99 - give someone the chance to name a star!  


Name a Star Gift Box

Also for £19.99, the the Name A Star gift box contains a welcome letter, explanation of the gift, instructions for naming a star and a guide to help you find yours in the night sky. You'll also receive an information pack that's unique to your star, an astronomy booklet and a presentation certificate. 

Name a Star Gift Box
Name a Star Gift Box
£19.99 from Find Me a Gift

Click here to buy this product now from Find me a Gift

This gift boxs has:

  • An out of this world gift pack
  • A great booklet about stars and astronomy
  • Huge celestial wall map enclosed
  • Easy to follow naming instructions
  • Register your details either by e-mail or by returning the naming a star instructions form inside your gift box.
  • After you've registered using the details within the gift box you'll receive an ornate certificate displaying your star's name

You should note that this is a novelty product and not recognised by NASA or other official records. 


More "Name a" Ideas...

Find Me a Gift also have a Lovers Name a Star Gift Set for  £34.99 - a lovely gift idea for a couple, as they can spend a romantic evening gazing at their named star.  This could be a great anniversary present, or perhaps something for an engagement gift or wedding present. 

And if you're looking for something different for a garden lover, how about a Name a Rose Gift Tin? ◦The Gift Republic Name a Rose Gift Tin is a pack that lets you name a Rosa Chinensis and the gift comes with a registration form (that can be completed by post or online), an instruction booklet, Botanical rose poster and more!  Click here for more information and to buy this gift

There's also a Name a Rose Deluxe Edition for £24.99.


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