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Special offer on singing cards from the RSPB

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If you're looking for greeting cards that sing, take a look at the RSPB's online shop.  

Their singing cards have a special offer on at the moment - buy 2 and save yourself £2.  They are delightful, with trilling sounds from various bird species, including well known favourites such as the robin, puffin, blue tit and blackbird, but there are also wildlife favourites such as the hedgehog, red squirrel and badger.

The cards sing when you open them - you can get a preview from the RSPB's online shop - so fly away to the RSPB and take a peek for yourself.  

By the way, there's also a special offer on the small singing birds - buy 2, and save yourself £2 - click here to see the range in the RSPB's Gift & Home sale

Click here to see the singing cards on offer from the RSPB