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Bird feeding gift packs for garden and bird lovers from the RSPB

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Bird feeding gift packs from the RSPB 

If you're looking for a gift for a bird lover or nature lover, fly over to the RSPB's online shop to take a peek at their bird feeding gift packs.   Watching birds come to feed in your garden is a very enjoyable way to spend even just a few minutes and it gives a lot of people a great deal of pleasure.

They have a number of them, including starter packs for people who would like to start feeding the birds but haven't done it before, and there are some great value packs among them.  

Prices start at £8.99 up to £29.99 at the time of writing - the one pictured left is for £29.99 but it's actually worth £40!  

Fly away to the RSPB's online shop here and help our feathered friends with your gift