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Steiff animals galore .... create your own collection!

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This evening I found myself browsing on the fabulous Steiff Teddy Bears website and having a marvellous hour or two browsing their delightful collection of Steiff animals.

I was absolutely amazed at the range of Steiff animals they had, from breeds of dogs, including Steiff huskies and pugs, to lions and penguins, a range of wild birds (ravens, hawks, owls) and cats, wildlife and more.  

This is Steiff Fredi Hawk
This is Steiff Fredi Hawk


There's even a Steiff baby range, a great gift ideas for a new baby.  

The Steiff toys are well known for their quality.  You can read the story of Margarete Steiff here  

Steiff toys are recognised by the yellow label or white label in the ear.  The labels have different meanings


There's also a gorgeous Steiff Flaps Penguin for £27.99

Steiff Flaps Penguin for £27.99

Anyway, if you go to the website, I hope you have as much fun as I did browsing all the various Steiff animals - they are really just gorgeous!