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Raspberry Plants on offer at Suttons Seeds

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I love the taste of raspberries - they are a very versatile fruit.   Raspberries with natural low fat yoghurt is a favourite, or raspberries and ice-cream - just delicious!   And they are very easy to grow, too. 

So I was very pleased to see that Suttons Seeds have got some great offers on some of their raspberry plants - including the world's first thornless compact raspberry plant, the Ruby Beauty!  

You can buy one Ruby Beauty plant for £8.99 or three for £17.98 (which gives you 33% off).  The great thing about the Ruby Beauty plant is that it's perfect for a patio or border, and it can also make an edible hedge!  It harvests early May-early June.  

But there are some other delicious looking raspberry plants on offer, and others not on offer, so click here to dig your way to Suttons Seeds to find out more!  

Click here to see the Raspberry Plants from Suttons Seeds, including this Ruby Beauty