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Instead of sending flowers, how about sending a tree or a bush for Valentine's Day?

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If you'd like to send a loved one a gift this Valentine's Day and you'd like to send something a bit different to flowers, why not send them a tree or a bush?

Trees and bushes will last longer than a bunch of flowers - they could also give the recipient something to pick and eat, if you choose something like an apple tree or a cherry tree, or something to add to recipies (such as a bayleaf tree) or even that all essential addition to a gin and tonic - a slice of lemon perhaps from a lemon tree? 

Tree2mydoor.com are the equivalent to a florist, except instead of sending flowers to loved ones, they send trees, or plants or bushes, depending on what you choose.  Based in Manchester, the company was set up to enable people to send loved ones original and meaningful natural gifts.  There are about 100 trees to choose from, so lots to consider.

They even have their popular Love in a Bag for £10.00, full of Corn Cockle and Corn Poppy wildflower seed which can be sprinkled over open ground for colourful blooms. 

You can see their Valentines Day gift ideas here and their romantic gift ideas here.  They make great eco-friendly gifts and I've used them on several occasions before - various family members have been thrilled, both with the quality of their tree and the idea!   Visit Tree2mydoor.com here

Send a tree or a bush or a plant with Tree2mydoor.com

Click here to use Tree2mydoor.com's Find a Gift Guide to help choose a tree to send