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Colour your garden with begonias with this special offer from Dobies

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Give people the delight of enjoying colour in your garden, either as they pass by or when they come to visit!

I love colourful gardens - they lift spirits and add lots of beauty to a garden.   And good news - Dobies have got a fantastic offer on at the moment.  

For just £14.99 you can buy 60 - yes SIXTY - begonias, with double flowers over 2" (that's 5cm) in diameter. They are ideal for beds, borders and patio containers and they have a strong scent and robust stems.  Save yourself £24.99 i.e. 62% with this special offer! 

60 Begonias for only £14.99 - save yourself £24.99!

 Go to Dobies here to grab this great offer!