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Get kids in touch with nature....

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Get the kids out of doors and give them the chance to get active, explore and discover all about the natural world!   The Easter holidays are a wonderful time to do this, and children love finding out all about animals and wildlife.  Here are some gift ideas for children this Easter to get them active and/or to help them spot wildlife...
50 Things Notebook 

You may have heard about the National Trust's 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 - those things every child should experience and have fun doing.  (It's never too late to have a go, by the way!)

The National Trust Online Shop has this 50 Things Note book for just £5.00. It's full of ideas to get your children out of doors and closer to nature, with 50 activites - selected by children around the country!

It has handy tips, nature facts and activity checklists so it's a nature journal, with lots of space for notes, photos, leaves, doodles and more.  When it’s just too wet to go outside, you can always turn to the rainy day activities.  It's a combination of a scrapbook, activity book and field guide. It's available from the National Trust Online Shop

The kids can go out hunting for Easter Eggs with this Easter Egg Hunt Kit from the National Trust Online Shop 

The Egg hunt kit includes

  • 7 x signs
  • 4 x sets of footprints
  • 8 x tasty treat bags to stash your chocolate eggs

All for £9.00 from the National Trust Online Shop.  Make sure to stock up on plenty of eggcellent treats!  

 Easter Egg Hunt Kit from the National Trust Online Shop
The Complete Bird Spotter's Kit by Mike Langman 

How about The Complete Bird Spotter's Kit by Mike Langman?

This is for £9.99 and it features a pair of binoculars, a spotter’s notebook and pencil and a 96 page guide book to encourage children to get closer to nature   The illustrations are from renowned ornithological illustrator, Mike Langman - his work is often used by the RSPB.

Children can use their own binoculars, and make notes in their handy notebook. The spotter’s guide is has lots of useful information on how to get started - it's a perfect introduction to birdwatching.  The guide book is full of expert tips on how to identify species when you're out and about.

This complete kit is the perfect introduction to birdwatching for children aged 8–12!  Fly away to the National Trust Online Shop here

In this book you'll find 365 outdoor activities you have to try!  From easy-to-do garden projects to building projects, there are activitie for all interests and abilities.  You just need readily available materials, such as paper, sand or soil to complete the projects.  There are step by step instructions and photos to show you what to do.

For £9.99 from the RSPB Online Shop

 RSPB 365 outdoor activities you have to try!