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Help wildlife conservation with Emma Bridgewater's new Tusk mugs

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This is a great gift idea from Emma Bridgewater.  She has designed exclusive ½ Pint Mugs and a Baby Mug. 

And for every mug sold, Emma Bridgewater will donate £5 to Tusk.  The charity is involved in wildlife protection, community development and education programmes in Africa.  You can find more about their projects here - there are nearly 50 of them.  

Conservation of wildlife is a key objective with substantial funding going towards the protection of threatened species such as elephant, rhino, cheetah, chimpanzee, mountain and lowland gorilla, African wild dog, giant sable and even marine species such as turtles. Visit Tusk's website here

Gifts to support Tusk from Emma Bridgewater From £14.95 from Emma Bridgewater