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Nigel - My Family and Other Dogs - for Monty Don fans

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I've been watching Monty Don's gardening programme with great interest and much enjoyment.   He has some great ideas and tips (that even I might be able to follow) and also, I particularly LOVE watching his dog, Nigel - a stunning golden retriever.

Nigel has quite a following, you know.  He has his own social media accounts, and receives tons of fan mail.  And I'm not surprised.   It's lovely watching Monty Don talk about his garden, and then watching the retriever - now two of them - watch Monty Don, or not listen.  It makes for a very relaxing viewing of TV.

So I'm very pleased to hear he has a book out - Monty Don, not Nigel - and I can't wait to read it.   He talks about his dogs, and how dogs enrich our lives.  Yes, it will make many a reader cry as Monty Don talks about his dogs and those he's lost - but it's also a celebration of all things Dog and I can't think of a better reason to buy this book.  

Nigel: my family and other dogs, available from Amazon

Looking forward to seeing Nigel on the TV this week.   Waving a paw to you, Nigel.  Thank you for giving me so much enjoyable TV to watch.