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Decorative water butts for the garden

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If you're looking for a gift for the garden that's a bit different, take a look at Original Organics.  They have some decorative water butts - some even resemble a tree trunk, there's also a Moroccan beehive, ones you can mount on a wall, a Cascata clay effect, and even Roman columns!

Original Organics started to develop their business back in the 1980s, developing their first practical design which became The Original Wormery.  They sell wormeries, water butts, compost bins (including compost bins for the kitchen), grow your own products, items for wildlife gardening and toolsl and sundries.

Prices of their decorative water butts start at just over £44.  

Click here to see their range of Original Organics' decorative water butts and see what you think!