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Planet Earth II - Give a wildlife lover the DVD

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Sir David Attenborough has done it again, with this most fantastic documentary series showing how animals survive in the wild.

I don't know about you, but I just ADORE this series - it is incredible.   At the time of writing, three programmes have been shown - Islands, Mountains and Jungles.  Next week, it's Deserts, and then (in no particular order) Grasslands and Cities.  

The photography is superb.  To watch the Ibyx on the mountains escaping the red fox, the racer snakes go after the marine iguanas as they make their appearance in the sand, the leopard take the crocodile - it was all amazing.  This really is a must to watch.  I loved watching the bears have a good scratch against a tree, the snow leopard footage - so rare, as the big cat is very elusive - and the courage of the penguins as they leap into the sea.  The glorious flight of the golden eagle, and the spider monkeys high in the trees.  

Sir David Attenborough is a national jewel.  He is immensely knowledgeable and passionate.  And one of the things I particularly like about the series is how he quietly reminds us the future of the planet lies in our hands and we need to look after it.   The DVD of the series will be released in early December, just in time for Christmas.  Planet Earth II [DVD] [2016] from Amazon  could be a great Christmas present for the nature lover in your life!   

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