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Give a bear the bear necessities of life...

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For animal lovers wanting to make a difference, there's nothing like giving a gift to help animals.   My husband made a donation to help elephants in Myanmar for my Christmas present - he made the donation to SPANA to help them get a mobile veterinary clinic so that vets can get to care for working elephants.   Every time I think of his gift helping elephants, it makes me feel good inside.  There's nothing like that feel-good factor!

So if you're looking for a gift for someone who loves bears, the good news is that you can buy a gift to help bears and change their lives for the better!

Animals Asia have already done that.  They have rescued 500 bears from bear bile farms.    The bears here have to endure painful procedures to extract bear bile.   And here are two bears who have been rescued, and who are clearly enjoying their new lives with Animals Asia....

They have a number of gifts you can treat bears to, from just £5.00 up to £600.00.  

For £5, you can treat them to a jar of strawberry jam, or for £10, they can tuck into fruity ice pops to help them cool off.  

£25 will treat them to a fruit and veg hamper to give them nutrient rich food.

£15 will give them a mound of marshmallows.   Often the bears are on medication, so their carers pop their medication into a marshmallow, which the bears can't resist.

£45 treats them to a pool party, giving the chance to play in water, or they can enjoy a swing on a swing for £70.00

Other gifts enable Animals Asia to provide veterinary care, such as fixing broken teeth - many bears have spent years in tiny cages and have spent their time biting the bars from frustration and boredom.  Or you could treat them to a health check for £300 or surgery for £600 - many bears need to have their diseased gallbladders removed after years of having painful bile extractions.

Click here to clamber off to Animals Asia's website and give the bears a gift