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Gifts from Emma Bridgewater for anyone who loves their vegetable garden

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So Emma Bridgewater has a very colourful new range called Vegetable Garden, which could be a great gift idea for anyone who adores eating veges, growing them, enjoying time in their vegetable garden and just loves colourful dishes.

Emma Bridgewater's Vegetable Garden range will provide a dash of colour on your table, from napkins to a platter, plate and bowl.   

Go to Emma Bridgewater's website here
The artichoke design gives a splash of green

Within the range, you'll find:

  • Vegetable Garden Artichoke Medium Platter
  • Vegetable Garden Artichoke 8 1/2 Plate
  • Tomatoes Medium Pasta Bowl
  • Vegetable Garden Tomato 8 1/2" Plate
  • Vegetable Garden Tomato 10 1/2 Plate
  • Vegetable Garden Tomato Large Dish
  • Vegetable Garden Paper Lunch Napkins

Or what about the tomato dish?

Click here to go to Emma Bridgewater to see
their mouth-watering Vegetable Garden range

From £3.75