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Great offers on garden books from Suttons

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Suttons have lots of gift ideas for gardeners, including some garden books on special offers.  Here are just two of them for anyone who wants to get stuck in to growing and cooking their own food.

Courtyard Kitchen by Natalie Boog  

There's Courtyard Kitchen by Natalie Boog for only £5.99 instead of £18.99 - so saving you 68%.

The book has recipes and growing tips for herbs and potted fruit.  There's key information with seasons, cropping times and plant care.  Over 80 simple fresh food recipes with flavour-matching ideas based around a herb or potted fruit are included.   The recipes give you the delight of cooking at home with herbs you've grown!  £5.99 from Suttons

 Encyclopedia of Herb Gardening  

Here's the Encyclopedia of Herb Gardening, a 288 page essential reference for anyone who wants to create a herb garden.  Whether you want just a few herbs in pots on your windowsill or have something more elaborate in your garden, this guide has clear text, practical tips and great photos.   All for £5.99 instead of £7.99 so you can save 25%.  Available from Suttons


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