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Wrendale's Mug Designs include orangutan mugs, koala bears, pandas, elephants, giraffes...

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I absolutely adore the Wrendale designs - I think Hannah Dale is brilliant and produces some wonderful designs.

And I was browsing Amazon tonight - as you do - and was amazed to see the mug designs Wrendale mugs now include!

I knew there was Wrendale hedgehogs, ducks, geese, Wrendale hares, dogs, cats etc.  But what I didn't know was that there are other wildlife mugs - covering wildlife such as the orangutan, panda, elephant, toucan, flamingo, giraffe etc.  So here are just a few Wrendale designs to show you!

There's an Orangutan Mug  An elephant mug
Pretty flamingoes There's also a beautiful toucan
 Gorgeous Koalas!  There's a panda mug, too!
 A touching giraffe mug Or you can buy six Wrendale mugs!