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RSPB Birdsong Clock for bird and nature lovers

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Here's a gift with a tweet and a chirp, so to speak! 

It's the RSPB Birdsong Clock! 

Tick, tock!  Tick, tock! The RSPB Birdsong Clock has authentic birdsongs!

The RSPB Birdsong Clock now has authentic birdsongs, and every hour is marked with an image of a bird, illustrated by Mike Langham, the famous wildlife artist Mike Langham.  The blackbird, great spotted woodpecker, robin, song thrush, wren, tits, finches and owls feature, making this a lovely gift. 

The sounds start at 6am, and stop at 9pm.  And the clock needs 3 AA batteries, which arent included.

The clock is £19.99.  

Fly away to the RSPB Shop