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Grow your own when you're stuck at home!

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Wondering what to do when you're stuck at home thanks to the coronavirus?

Why not have a go at growing your own, if you don't already?   A lot of gardening centres are working like mad to go to deliveries so it's worth checking with your local garden centre to see if they are doing that. 

But there are a number of online gardening stores already.  My auntie Joan always used Suttons;  she swore by them, and I must say I love their products (nothing to do with my green fingers!).

And if you're thinking of growing your own food, then they are definitely worth taking a look at.  With salads, herbs, fruit & vegetables, there's a huge range to choose from. 

One of their top fruit suppliers who have been providing Suttons' customers with great plants for years has offered Suttons an extra quantity of strawberry bare root plants at a great price - and Suttons wanted to share it!  They will forward your order and it will be sent straight from the supplier's nursery in Norfolk :-)  Take a look at the Strawberry Plants - Summer Fruiting Collection!


Take a look at Suttons' website - grow your own from home!

Take a look at Suttons' website - grow your own from home!