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Emma Bridgewater has a new Shoreline Collection!

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Emma Bridgewater has got a great collection called the River and Shoreline Collection! There's also the Scattered Boats collection and they would make great gifts for anyone who loves boats and the sea.

The collections boast items such as half pint mugs, 3 pint jugs, a large milk bottle, a one pint mug, a small mug, a medium vase, a cocoa mug plus a 2 mug tea pot and a 4 mug tea pot!  

Take a look at the River and Shoreline Collection from Emma Bridgewater ere

You can have personalised products as well so you could put your loved one's name on a product or something of a sea/boating nature such as First Mate, or Ship Ahoy!

You can personalise some of the products, too!

This is from Emma Bridgewater's River and Shoreline Collection

The collection is very colourful and would add lots of cheer to any home, and the products are fun!   

Prices start from £14.95 

Visit Emma Bridgewater's River and Shoreline collection here