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Send a Festive Poinsettia or a mini Christmas tree!

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Those fabulous folk at Flying Flowers in Jersey have delightful blooms you could send loved ones from their website - and these include a Festive Poinsettia and a mini Christmas tree!

Sometimes you just need to send flowers - to give people something cheerful to look at as they pass through a room in a house, or to brighten up a corner.  And Flying Flowers have some gorgeous flowers and arrangements, plants and hampers to choose from.  They even have a gift subscription so you could send someone flowers through the post on a regular basis.

There's a Festive Poinsettia - such a beautiful colour!There's a Festive Poinsettia - such a beautiful colour!
For £28.00

And there's Home for Christmas

This is Home for Christmas.
It comes with traditional decorations - including mini Christmas jumpers! -
and battery operated lights, so it's easy to decorate. 
Just the thing for the office or a home office to brighten up a desk!
It was £37.00, and it's now £22.20!
Find out more

How about the Christmas Blooms of the Month?

How about the Christmas Blooms of the Month?
These have Flying Flowers' favourite seasonal flowers.
From £28.00

Visit Flying Flowers' website here -
they've got lots to choose from!