Give a gift to bird lovers - help a sparrow!


Hallo!  I'm a House Sparrow and you can find gift ideas here to help me and my feathered friends :-)
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Are you looking for a present for someone who is a nature lover or who loves animals?  

How about giving them a present to help the sparrow?  They have declined by over 70% in England, and your gift to the nature lover in your life could help birds.  There are two species in the UK - the House Sparrow and the smaller Tree Sparrow.

Across the UK, the RSPB is working with farmers in key areas to make sure the right combination of seeds and insect life is available to help tree sparrows and all kinds of other wildlife.  Give nature a home, and they will come.

This is a great gift for people without gardens who want to do their bit for nature & birds - it's a Window bird feeder gift pack
This is a Window bird feeder gift pack.  £24.71 from the RSPB

The venues the RSPB are working at include the RSPB reserves at Old Moor (South Yorkshire), Fairburn Ings (West Yorkshire), Bempton Cliffs (East Yorkshire) and Dungeness (Kent).  

The RSPB is also looking at the causes of the decline of the urban House Sparrow in our cities - supplementary feeding of mealworms was found to boost breeding success.  

Your gift can help these conservation effort - you give a loved one who cares about nature the chance to do some conservation of their own, by encouraging birds into their garden :-) 

 Give sparrows a home - give them a Sparrow Terrace!

Give the sparrows a home - give them a terrace!

For under £30, your gift can give these small birds a home, pictured left.  It can give 3 separate nest boxes in one terrace;  each has its own entrance for the birds!  It's made in the UK, with FSC timber and it comes with fittings.  Plus its hinged base makes the annual task of cleaning easy - you don't have to take it down!   Click here to give these little sparrows a home!

Multi Nesting Bird Box Multi Nesting Bird Box
The National Trust Online Shop has this Multi Nesting Bird Box for just £10!   It's made from thick cut FSC pine and it comes with three different entrance options for the widest variety of birds.  Options are:  Open fronted - to attract robins, pied wagtails or spotted flycatchers.28mm Holed plate - to attract tit families and other small birds. 32mm holed plate - to attract larger species of birds including sparrows. Click here to go to the National Trust Online Shop

You may have seen the adverts on the television from the RSPB recently.  Their message is clear:  give nature a home, and they will come.  The pleasure people can have of watching the birds in their garden fly in and out, perch on trees and branches, take a bath in a bird-bath, go into the homes they have provided for their feathered friends, and watch them feed on the food they have provided, is immense. 

Without a home, there will be no nature.  Please give nature a home with your gift.