Give someone the gift of independence - sponsor a guide dog as a gift!



"It’s amazing to watch that magical moment when a newly qualified 
meets its blind or partially sighted owner for the very first time."  Guide Dogs

Imagine giving a gift which gives them an interest for 24 months and also helps a total stranger!  Gifts come in all shapes & sizes - and some gifts come in the form of companionship, independence - and a waggy tail!  Guide dogs give people who have little or no sight the power of independence.  If going blind is life changing, then so is having a guide dog.  

Meet the three new recruits to the Sponsor a Puppy scheme...

Mind you, sometimes the puppies starting out on their training just won't play ball!  It's amazing to think that they'll grow into responsible adults who can help people with visual impairments... Just watch the video...

You can help train a guide dog by sponsoring a puppy! 

Sponsor a puppy as a gift for someone you love and they'll receive

  • regular Pupdates on how puppy's training is going
  • cute photos as well as a photo album
  • a personalised certificate
  • a gorgeous puppy calendar at the end of each year
  • the knowledge that your gift to them is helping someone gain independence, with a comforting waggy tail and loyal friend beside them to help them through each day!

Sponsor a puppy as a Gift from £1 a week
Sponsor a puppy as a Gift from £1 a week

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You're giving your loved one the chance to share in their puppy's journey from their first few weeks with their Mum to becoming a guide dog, with a new life and purpose - to help a blind or partially sighted person through each day!  

How are guide dogs trained?
Very carefully!  It takes time to train a guide dog. The puppies initially live with their Mum & siblings in the home of a guide dog volunteer.  From 6 weeks to 14 months, they go to Puppy Walkers, to learn basic essentials, such as good manners and socialising and to find how to get around town or country, from going on transport to going down stairs.  Then it's on to Guide Dog Training School,  where a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor will start to pull all your puppy’s training together.  The instructor also starts the matching process, looking for a blind or partially sighted person who would be a good match with your pup!  By 22 months old, your guide dog will be matched to someone and will have settled into their home, giving them the gifts of independence and confidence

Your sponsorship gift can help
Sponsor a puppy and watch them grow on their journey to help someone who is blind or partially sighted today!   Click here to go to Guide Dogs

More about Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs is a very well known charity in the UK.  It's a registered charity (in England and Wales (209617) and Scotland (SC038979).   Guide dogs have been bringing independence and mobility to blind and partially-sighted people for over 80 years.  There are over 4,700 guide dog partnerships in the UK.  Guide dogs have a working life of about six and a half years, so someone who is blind or partially sighted may have five or more dogs during their life time.