Tickle a Tapir


There are all sorts of animal experiences you can give a loved one from big cats to meerkats, lemurs to owls.   One of the more unusual animal experiences you can give a loved one is the chance to Tickle a Tapir! 

Tapirs have been around for 35 million years (not the ones your loved one would meet, by the way).  They're a close relative of the horse and rhino.  They use their rubbery noses to forage and grab leaves, and they are excellent swimmers.  There are 4 species of tapir and they are normally found in the forests of Central and South America as well as Southeast Asia but there's an experience which gives you the chance to meet a tapir in Hertfordshire!

This Tickle the Tapir Experience for Two is at Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire.  It's an amazing place - we gave my father a Meet the Meerkats experience there as he loved meerkats.   I'll never forget the smile on his face as meerkats clambered all over him.  We had a fantastic day and the staff there are so enthusiastic and passionate about their work and the animals in their care. 

The tapir enclosure is normally off-limits to the public but this Tickle a Tapir Experience enables you to help feed them, accompanied by one of the Park's staff.

Tickle a tapir in Hertfordshire

Tickle a Tapir Experience for Two at Paradise Wildlife Park
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire
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So what does this Tickle the Tapir experience involve?  

  • A fantastic experience helping to feed and petting the Tapirs at Paradise Wildlife Park
  • An expert on hand to answer any questions you might have
  • Entry to Paradise Wildlife Park for the day for two people

This experience is for anyone over 10 years old, though if they are under 14 they must be accompanied by an adult.  There's a full health and safety briefing, and you'll have about 30 minutes with the tapirs. 

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