Give a gift to help your loved one create a wildlife garden


Are you looking for garden ideas for gifts for the garden?  Well, if your loved one cares about wildlife, you could give them a gift to help create a wildlife garden.  

There are some very attractive garden gifts about which will attract garden birds, such as sparrows, robins, wrens, swallow, and insects, and all sorts of other wildlife from hedgehogs to  butterflies and bats.   Every garden counts to help with wildlife conservation, no matter how large or small the garden is. 

Here are some examples of some of the things for the garden you can buy anyone who loves wildlife & their gardens. 


 Solitary Bee Hive from Find Me a Gift

Solitary Bee Hives
The first thing to mention is that Solitary Bee Hives are for non-swarming bees which usually live in trees. Bee Hives help attract bees & hibernating ladybirds, and they make great gifts for anyone who loves their garden & wants to help wildlife.  The bee hive is made from sustainable sources.  The Bee Hive needs to be placed in a warm & sunny place, near soil & nectar sources such as fruit, flowers or vegetables so this gift is idea for an orchard or to go in a garden.  Solitary bees use it from about February onwards.
£19.99 from Find Me a Gift 
Click here to go to Find Me a Gift for more info & to buy this Solitary Bee Hive

Bempton Hanging Bird Table from Find Me a Gift
Bempton Hanging Bird Table 
The idea behind this table is that the smaller birds can tuck in, as the bird table's design prevents the bigger birds such as large crows, pigeons, seagulls and magpies, taking their food. The table has lattice woodwork and a copper roof in a rustic look and you can hang it from a tree or attach it to a post. Like anything which encourages garden birds to come and feed, it would make a great house-warming gift, but it's also great for anyone who loves birds, nature and wildlife lovers. 

Click here to fnd out more & to buy this bird table from Find Me a Gift
RSPB Classic nestbox RSPB Classic nestbox
Not as pretty perhaps as some of the other bird items pictured on this page, but nonetheless, this RSPB Classic Nestbox will attract many variety of garden birds. It's sturdy, and made of FSC timber and will appeal to those people who prefer a simply styled item for their garden.  It's made with thick timber for insulation with a roof designed to stop rainwater running down the inside of the box.

Click here for more info & to buy this gift from the RSPB
RSPB Robin and wren diamond nestbox RSPB Robin and wren diamond nestbox
As well as the Classic Nestbox above which will attract many small garden birds of different varieties, the RSPB (like many garden retailers) also do nestboxes for particular types of garden birds.  This one pictured left is for Robins and Wrens (£11.75). You could also look at nextboxes for swallows, swifts, house-martins and sparrows. 

Click here to see the RSPB's full range of nestboxes.