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  1. Today is the 27th February which means just one thing:  it's International Polar Bear Day!

    The day hopes to raise awereness of the plight of polar bears and how we can all help them.     The polar bear is at the head of food chain in the Arctic and a good indicator of how species are faring.   The difficulty is that in a number of locations where polar bears live, the sea ice is disappearing as a result of global warming.  The picture is patchy:  in some areas, the polar bear populations is stable;  in one it is actually in increasing.  In others, it is declining.  However, there is no room for complacency.  Nine areas where polar bears live are described by Polar Bears International as being data deficient. 

    Polar bears face many threats, most particularly the loss of sea ice due to climate change. 

    Adopt a Polar Bear from Polar Bears International
    Adopt a Polar Bear from Polar Bears International 
    ©Polar Bears International


    Adopt a polar bear from Polar Bears International

    You have different options, from adopting a Cub of the Year, a Mom and Cub, or Twin Cubs Adoption.   And as Polar Bears International are based in North America, the good news is that there's also an Eco-adoption for $25.00.  For the eco-adoption, you receive an instant adoption certificate in your inbox.  You can print it yourself or email it to the recipient. 

    Polar Bears International is the world's leading polar bear organisation.  They consist of a small group of passionate conservationists, scientists and volunteers.  Their mission is  "to conserve polar bears and the sea ice they depend on."  They work to inspire people to care about the Arctic and the threats to its future.  Find out more about Polar Bears International here

    If you can spare a moment, please take a quick look at ways you can help polar bears and the Arctic - all you need to do is to click here to see how you can help and Polar Bears International - why not join their Save our Sea Ice campaign? 

    Please take a look at Polar Bears International's petition to the US President, click on the link below to find out more and to sign it.  If you are not from the USA, please just help by spreading the word about it!

    Urge the U.S. president to set a fair price on carbon





  2. If you’ve got a tiger lover in your midst, why not treat them to an Up Close Tiger Encounter at Woburn Safari Park for Two?

    Up-Close Tiger Encounter for Two at Woburn Safari Park

    A ranger will take you to see the world’s largest species of cat.

    You’ll spend 30 minutes in the park’s tiger section – and get as close up as is safely possible to one of the four Amur tigers!

    This is a great chance to discover more about them, and to see them close up, and to take lots of photos!

    And the experience includes entry to the safari park, so you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the other animals!

    The tour group will not exceed eight participants, and the minimum age is 4. (Under 18s must be accompanied by a full paying adult)

    Up-Close Tiger Encounter for Two at Woburn Safari Park

    Allow 1 hour for the Encounter (includes 15 minute registration time) plus additional time to enjoy the safari park.

    Go to Virgin Experience Days for more information and to buy this tiger experience


  3. M&S have collaborated with the Natural History Museum to bring you the most delightful range of children’s clothing!

    The Museum aims to bring people and nature closer together and in their online store, they have some wonderful new outfits for kids which are great fun, and bright, and colourful.

    Roald Dahl teal pelican, monkey and giraffe t-shirtThey feature some of the incredible creatures featured in Roald Dahl’s best loved work – and each piece has facts right from the scientists’ mouths at the Natural History Museum!

    There are kids’ pyjama sets, dresses, t-shirts and sweatshirts, starting at £9.00.

    Roald Dahl yellow giraffe t-shirt

    These could make great gifts for the little animal lover in your life!

     View the full range here 



  4. Want to send a house plant as opposed to flowers?

    I love house plants - they look really pretty.  One of the last memories I have of my Auntie Joan was when I visited her in her care home.  She had a house plant I'd sent her as a present - she loved flowers - and we did some indoor gardening while I was there, watering the plant, and taking care of it.  It gave me - and hopefully her - a lovely memory of our time together.

    So online florist Bunches are giving 12% off their houseplants at the moment if you use the code PLANTS12 and they have a lovely range, including this one below:

    Pink Azalea with Zinc Pot


  5. Thompson & Morgan have a great offer on Sweet Peas!

    I love sweet peas.  I’ve grown them a couple of times but haven’t cut them enough – the more you cut, the more they will flower.   You can stick a few stems in a vase and fill a room with colour and scent. 

    You can grow them against a sunny fence or on a free standing oblelisk – or if you prefer a more informal garden, let them scramble and make their way through mature shrubs.

    Take a look at this Sweet Pea Offer from Thompson & Morgan

    Their Sweet Pea Duo Collection is only 17p each – for 48 hours only!**

    They are supplied as deep-rooted plugs with an average of 5 sweet pea plants per plug, and they are pinched and ready for planting straight out.

    The collection includes Sweet Pea ‘Infusion’ – which combines traditional sweet pea colours and fragrance with the straighter and stronger stems of modern varieties.  And it includes Sweet Pea ‘Sweet Dreams’ – selected for wonderful fragrance, exhibition standard blooms and a great growing performance.

    Dig your way here to Thompson & Morgan to take a look at this offer!

    And here you'll find other sweet peas from Thompson & Morgan - for example, there's this Super Scented Sweet Pea Growing Kit, which could make a great gift:

    Super Scented Sweet Pea Growing Kit

    Super Scented Sweet Pea Growing Kit for £9.99


    **Hurry, offer ends midnight tomorrow, 22nd February 2020 or while stocks last. Normal delivery charges apply.