Delightful teddy bears from The Great British Teddy Bear Company


“In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself,
it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion”

Peter Gray
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Teddy bears have been around with us for a long time, and many of us will own up to having our own special teddy bear.   I sent my Auntie Joan a gift of a teddy bear once - she named him Edward - a big brown bear, he was, and now he sits proudly on the shelf in her room in her nursing home.   He was one of the things she chose to bring from home when she had to move in.  She is 94.  You're never too old for teddy bears!

There are some wonderful teddy bears around these days, and quite a few of them give the owner a link to a special period in their lives when they were part of something, or they just make wonderful themed bears.  I came across these from the Great British Teddy Bear Company which you can buy direct from the company or in the case of the bears below from Amazon.  They include Roger, the Official Bomber Command Memorial Bear .  Just click on the bear to find out more!   All the bears were £29.95 at the time of writing. 

British Bobby Teddy Bear.  
He arrives ready to make an arrest
with his own warrant card and name badge!

Sherlock Holmes Teddy Bear.  
He arrives arrying his pipe
and magnifying glass ready 
to solve great Bear mysteries

Lady British Bobby Teddy Bear
Like her male bear, she has her 
own warrant card and name badge,
all ready to make an arrest!

Florence Nightingale Teddy Bear
wears a miniature of the dress once worn by 'Nightingale nurses', and carries a replica of her famous lamp. Her khaki canvas bag holds three little bandages so that she can nurse any injured toys she finds!

Beefeater Teddy Bear has a red Tunic which has been embroidered with the Initials EIIR and a Thistle, Rose and Shamrock to Represent Scotland, England & Ireland

Veteran Teddy Bear wears a smart white shirt and regimental tie under a fully lined navy blue blazer finished with two hand sewn working brass buttons. He wears a Poppy in memory of his comrades and has a miniature general service medal.  This gorgeous bear comes in a Red, Navy Blue, Khaki or Green Beret.

Palace Guardsman Teddy Bear wears the Traditional "Home Service Dress" for the Changing of the Guard and his White Leatherette Belt Has a Die Caste Buckle Matching His Shiny Brass Buttons 

Authentic Mr Shakespeare Teddy Bear could be a great gift for a budding graduate.  He's never without his feather quill & he carries his three favourite plays; Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo & Juliet.  
Robin Hood Teddy Bear
carries his bow and arrow.  The arrow has been fitted with a safety suction cup so he can practice his aim with his teddy bear friends
Royal Force Teddy Bear
He proudly displays the Golden 
Die Caste Royal Bear Force Wings

For anyone who loves the Royal Family, how about Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Teddy Bear? 
She comes complete with her minitiature coronation crown and
royal blue sash!

Authentic Navy Sailor Teddy Bear - perfect for boat owners or anyone who loves the sea, maritime history or naval life.  He's dressed in his famous Square Rig Uniform and looks very handsome!
Jockey Teddy Bear 
is dressed in red and green, all
fresh from his latest win in the 
Teddy Bear Grand National!
Ready... Teddy....GO! 

St George the Knight Teddy Bear 
prefers a good cuddle to fighting. 

Traffic Bobby Teddy Bear 
is all ready to issue a ticket, as he carries his own warrant car and police badge.    

“It is astonishing, really, how many thoroughly mature, well-adjusted grown-ups harbor a Teddy bear
which is perhaps why they are thorougly mature and well-adjusted."

Joseph Lempa
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