Save rainforest for animal & human wellbeing


We all hear a lot about rainforests & deforestation these days.  The deforestation of our rainforests is not good news for human or animal wellbeing. 

We need healthy rainforests to keep us all healthy

So sponsoring half an acre or more of rainforest and other wildlife habitats is a really worthwhile & special present - a gift that is meaningful, and that lasts.

Since 1989, the World Land Trust has worked to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands.  It has helped purchase & protect 400,000 acres plus of habitats rich in wildlife in Asia, Central and South America and the UK.  You can find out  about their successfully completed projects here and their current project list here in Argentina, Brazil Ecuador & Paraguay.  To give someone a lasting, meaningful gift which will help animals & people, then click here to visit the World Land Trust.  A gift/donation of £25 will help save animals' habitat.