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Adopt an Orangutan and support orangutan conservation

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This week is Orangutan Awareness Week, designed to raise awareness of orangutan conservation efforts and the threats these adorable animals face in the wild.  

Those of you who are looking to adopt an animal as a gift may be interested in adopting an orangutan from the Orangutan Foundation, who organise the Orangutan Awareness Week.

Orangutans face many threats from people.  Their homes in the rainforest are being destroyed by humans for palm oil, illegal mining, illegal logging and forest fires.   So many are being killed and young orangutans are being orphaned. 

The Orangutan Foundation is a UK based charity working to support habitat conservation, so protecting the area where orangutans live, rescuing orangutans who have been orphaned in the wild as their parents are killed through forest fires or illegal logging and deforestation, raising awareness through education and supporting scientific research.   

Your gift can support this work by adopting an orangutan.  Adoptions cost from £30.00 for a year.  

All adoption money goes directly towards helping orphaned orangutans in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.  

 Click here to adopt an orangutan from the Orangutan Foundation

When you adopt an orangutan with the Orangutan Foundation, you will receive:

  • An adoption certificate with your name on it
  • An orangutan fact-sheet
  • An Orangutan Foundation sticker
  • A soft-toy orangutan
  • Updates on your adopted orangutan every six months

Click here to adopt an orangutan

Swing over to the Orangutan Foundation's website here