Adopt a Donkey from the Donkey Sanctuary



If you're looking for a gift for a donkey lover, then look no further than the Donkey Sanctuary!   They have a number of donkeys you can adopt as a gift, and the hardest part of adopting a donkey is deciding who to adopt!

Donkey adoptions make fantastic gifts.   I adopted Moses for my parents as an anniversary gift.   For a couple who love donkeys, they were really pleased, and loved the updates they had on Moses.   

Adoption packs include two gorgeous portraits of your donkey and their story.   There are four lovely postcards to share, and a keepsake membership card.  You also get an adoption certificate and a display frame for your portraits. There's a guide to getting the most from your adoption and you get updates on your donkey in the autumn and spring. 

Your support could help buy food and medicine;  it helps pay for vets and to build shelters and hospitals.  And crucially, it can help rescue donkeys from terrible situations.  So by  adopting a donkey for yourself, or sharing the joy by giving the gift of a donkey adoption to a loved one, you are doing something amazing.

You can choose a donkey to adopt from one of several centres in the UK - Birmingham, Leeds, Sidmouth, Manchester, Ivybridge or Belfast. 

Adoptions are for one year. And you'll be helping the Donkey Sanctuary to care for these gentle, beautiful donkeys! 

Adopt a donkey today!

I adopted Moses for my parents as a wedding anniversary 
Adopt Ashley 

Meet Ashley

Ashley was born in 2009 right at the beautiful Sidmouth Sanctuary!   Sadly, his mother - who was pregnant at the time she arrived at the sanctuary - died at the birth and little Ashley was an orphan.  The staff fed Ashley with a bottle aided by a rota and advice from the onsite veterinary team.  Today, Ashley is a happy, fun-loving chap who wins the hearts of everyone he meets.  He loves playing with two good friends, Mr Khan and Zena - the three were introduced to each other in their early days.  Ashley's favourite time of the day is grooming time - he's been known to pick up a brush and start grooming Mr Khan as well!  

Adopt Ashley

 You could adopt Zena

Meet Zena

Zena had a rough start in life, as she suffered frmo paralysis in her back legs.  She needed lots of veterinary care and love, togehter with late night bottle-feeds, and she overcame all the odds against her.  Now she loves playing with her friends in the paddock! 

Adopt Zena

The Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1969 by the late Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE.   Since the charity was founded, it has cared for over 12,000 donkeys and it works around the world to improve donkey welfare.  Its charity number is 264818.