Send Note cards and notelets



It's lovely to have a notelet or note card through the door from a friend or family member - a beautiful change from the usual brown letters & other junk mail. 

I like to keep a selection of notelets or note cards at home, so that I can easily pick one up and get writing.  And when I receive them, I often keep them to decorate my home with - especially if they are good colour match with the room.  A good many I like to keep as a keepsake of a friendship or someone who means something very special to me.   

View the range of cards from the RSPB Shop

The RSPB Online Shop has some beautiful cards,and a great selection of singing greeting cards - great on those occasions when you can't send a gift but want to send something more than a card.  Click here to see the full range of greeting cards from the RSPB. 

The has a lovely range of cards

The has a lovely range of cards from nature - including the otter, fox and hedgehog, all sold individually.  But they also have this 12 notecard set by Pollyanna Pickering.  

In addition, there are some amazing individual dog cards by Louise Nesbitt, with breeds including the German Shepherd puppy, French Bulldog, Cockapoo, cocker spaniel, the pug and lots more!

Visit the to see their range.

 Notecards from the National Trust Online Shop The National Trust Online Shop has a number of different notecards, with beautiful waterscapes, landscapes, coastal birds, cottage gardens and more. From £3.00.  Click here to see their range   
Go on the prowl with ADI to look at their cards Animal Defenders International have some note cards, many depicting big cats as they do a lot to rescue big cats and other animals who have been in circuses.  They have a sanctuary to which many of these big cats go.  Find out more about the work ADI do here - and here's their gift card page here. 
Notecards and notelets from the Woodland Trust Shop

You can support the Woodland Trust with a purchase from their online shop.  They have some very pretty notecards and notelets of various sizes.  See the range of notecards and notelets from the Woodland Trust Shop

I just adore the Wrendale designs, and I particularly love sending their cards.  There's an enormous range of greeting cards that you can choose from, with wildlife and pets, packs of cards and individual cards.   See the range of Wrendale Greeting Cards, available from Amazon
The RSPCA has some pretty notecards The RSPCA has some pretty notecards such as scenic ones like this, and of course puppies, cats - and hares and foxes!  They've also got a range of gifts, for people, pets and their charity pets!  Find out more from the RSPCA shop and help animals as you shop!
 Paperchase have some lovely notecards Paperchase have some lovely notecards, including Thank You cards, Thinking of You, and Just to Say - perfect for those short notes you want to write!  There are also New Home cards so you can let people know of your new address.  Go to Paperchase here
Check out postcards from

If you're looking for sets of postcards, you could check out  They have quite a range, including the "Beautiful" series - each focuses on beautiful horses, beautiful cows, cats, dogs etc.  There are postcards with a scientific theme, floral, gardens, history, and even colouring post-cards.  Check out postcards from