Gifts for Dad's Army fans - socks, mugs, chocolate, flasks & more!


Dad's Army is one of the best loved of all  British sit-coms.  Today it still features regularly in the Top 10 most watched programmes on BBC2.   So conserve your loved one's love for this very popular series and give them a Dad's Army Gift!  Some of them have some well known catch phrases from the programme such as "Stupid Boy" and "Don't Panic!" and "Don't tell him, Pike!"  

There's a wide range of gifts available for Dad's Army fans, many adorned with those well known and loved catch phrases.  Here are just a few ideas...

Dad's Army Don't Panic Socks

Dad's Army Don't Panic Socks

For anyone who loves Dad's Army, how about these socks with "Don't Panic!" on it.  This famous catchphrase was one of Corporal Jones'.   They are £6.00, size 8 to 12 (mens) and they are 96% Polyester, 2% Elastne and 2% Nylon

Don't panic - head to English Heritage for more information!

How about a Dad's Army Soup Mug?

How about a Dad's Army Soup Mug?

For £10.00, This Dad's Army  ceramic soup mug is great for soup drinkers!  There's a humorous "War Office Levels Guide" inside which shows the level for a Captain,  Sergeant and Corporal.

The mug isn't suitable for the dishwasher - you need to hand wash it.  You can't put it in the microwave, either.  

Find out more from the English Heritage shop 

 What about this Dads Army Stupid Boy Mug?

You stupid boy! 

How many times did Captain Mainwaring tell Private Pike he was a stupid boy?!  Here's another of the show's catchphrases is on this Dads Army Mug - and it features a picture of Pike!  For £8.50 from English Heritage

How about a DVD or Blu-Ray of Dads Army?

How about a DVD or Blu-Ray of Dads Army? has a number of DVDs or Blu-Ray versions of Dad's Army, including the film from 2016 and the old sit-coms.   Some feature The Lost Episodes as well.  There are other gift ideas around the sit-com, including a quiz book and stories around the Home Guard.

Visit to see the range.