Memories last a lifetime.  Capturing memories make for great gifts and there are a number of different ways you can do just that.  

"We do not remember days; we remember moments."  

~Cesare Pavese, The Burning Brand
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9 ways to capture memories for a gift

  1. Give a scrapbook full of memories.  It could be a scrapbook with a theme to it or about an event, or a holiday

  2. Give them a product with a photo on it - a cushion, a mug, a picture frame with photos in it.

  3. Give them a photo album or scrapbook in which they can put memories of their choice in it.

  4. You could give them a memory book or memory scrapbook in which they can write their memories rather than focus on the pictures, rather like a diary.

  5. Treat them to a memory the two of you can share together, such as an experience day or an event to go to, or just simply a meal.

  6. It could be an in memorium gift, something to remember a loved one by, such as a plant, a rose bush, a tree, or even some acreage of woodland.

  7. You could also give a pet owner something to remember their most cherished family member with, such as a pet photoshoot or a photo of their pet in a frame.

  8. There are many travel memory gifts, including personalised maps of the world and photobooks.  

  9. You could give a gift commemorating an event, a person or a theme - for instance, something which celebrates it and holds on to it.